I LOVE BAKING muffins. There have been times where I have made a batch of muffins like these every week. Although at first, I thought that muffin mixture is complex this is a straightforward enough recipe that you can tailor to add any fruit or filling.  For this reason I would stir up another mixture whilst the first batch was baking and end the evening with over fifty characterful-shaped muffins in a box that would accompany me to office and be distributed amongst the staff.  I also believe that any cake baking and a bottle of beer, go hand in hand. A great way to chill out and get stuck into some muffin mix! To make about ten gloriously over-sized muffins,  you will need:

220g plain flour

220g butter

150g caster sugar

5 free-range egg

3 tsp baking powder

Berries, chopped fruit or chocolate of your choice

Cream the butter and sugar together. Add the eggs one by one and mix. Then add the dry goods – the flour, the baking powder, mixing until the mixture is relatively consistent. Then spoon the mixture into muffin cases, about two thirds full.

It is at this point that I have added blueberries, strawberries & chocolate chip or raspberry and white chocolate chip (what ever you think goes well together for you) – just a small handful onto the mixture in each case. Top off with another healthy spoonful of mixture and finish with a final garnish.

Bake on 200C (Gas Mark 6), for 20 minutes. Keep a keen eye on them, and once golden, take them out and allow to cool on a rack (although they are divine hot, not five minutes out of the oven and with a cup of tea).


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