More home grown produce…


It could be considered a poor excuse but the past few weeks have been hectic: weekends taken up with lengthy travelling, visiting Home, weddings and birthdays to boot.

This weekend’s travels involved a brief trip back to home, where upon I dug up a patch of potatoes with my Mum and a had a five minute fight with a garlic bulb. I tell you now, they are stubborn things to get out of the ground and I advise the use of a trowel when the time comes. But the reward is worth it. The smell is earthy and fresh. I believe you can even eat the garlic stalks.

This brief post was also brought to you buy my new 50mm camera lens  bought today on the way back from a wedding in Essex; purchased just in time for the Caribbean Carnival in Leicester next weekend where,  no doubt, there will be much food-orientated inspiration to take photos.

Also, hopefully much more cooking to follow in the next week….pomme dauphinoise perhaps…


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