Sherried Figs and Cream

Every now and then I come across one of my Grandmother’s recipes and it contains more than a healthy splash of sherry. Sometimes the alcohol seems a justifiable addition to the cooking process. Other times I have to wonder whether she stood at her Aga in the afternoons concocting these wonderful dishes with a glass of sherry in hand and then some how half that glass would happen upon finding a way into the cooking. In this way, I remember her being like a Scottish, female version of Keith Floyd.

Needless to say, there have been times where I’ve decided to omit the sherry or perhaps replaced her proffer of Madeira with a more measured glass of white wine or something like that.

In this particular recipe, however, sherry is a defining flavour. This is her dessert of sweet figs and cream and it was no doubt one of her favourites in early summer – a boozy alternative to strawberries and cream.

A punnet of fresh figs (2-3 figs per person)
4 tbsp. honey
Sherry to cover
Fresh double cream or mascarpone

Make sure the figs you have are ripe and plump – not green; they do not ripen very well after picking. Place figs in a small sauce pan and cover with sherry, bring to a simmering point and dissolve the honey into the liquid.  Remove from the heat and chill.

When you are ready to serve, whip up some double cream to a thick consistency (you can leave it runny if you prefer). Mascarpone goes nicely too, so you can have this instead of cream if you fancy. Remove the chilled figs from the sweet syrup and simply serve with a helping of the cream or mascarpone.   ~


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