Kitchen Diary: I ~ a brief introduction

New year. New start. Well… I have already begun cooking in my new kitchen a few months back now, but by way of catching up on blogging about it I thought I would introduce you to the corners of my kitchen that mean the most to me, and perhaps the introduction of a few new implements and utensils along the way. If you’re in two minds about investing something specific, hopefully these comments might persuade you.


A saturday trip to my favourite kitchen shop in town, aptly named The Original Cookware Company, saw the purchase of one granite carved mortar and pestle. It has been on the must-get-around-to-buying list for quite a while, but none of the candidates we had come across really looked sturdy enough for the sorts of pummelling our kitchen had in mind. From salad seeds and Sarawak peppercorns to fresh garden herbs with oil bases, this needed something that wouldn’t take on some insipid ceramic stain at the mere sniff of turmeric root,  refused to be knocked off the counter surface without an honest fight, and that could cradle our ‘stressful day’ moments away with a solid understanding. pestle2 pestle1


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