Salmon Salad Wraps

This simple dish is a clean and cooling starter to precede something like a family meal this summer, or a smart dinner party aperitif. Easy to make up in advance, and a lighter change to the every day barbecues that these hot days might tempt us with.

The refreshing taste is a lovely alternative to a prawn (drowning-in-mayonaise) salad, which I know is often a go-to favourite UK summer holidayers everywhere.  A lovely accompaniment to a chilled glass of italian wine such as this.

Supermarkets are offering good quality smoked-salmon and great prices these days so there really is no need to worry about the cost. This could even be a great supplement to a Christmas or new year’s party smorgasbord platter.


2 Avocados
250g smoked salmon slices
Vietnamese rice wrappers (avoid the ones made with tapioca)
Light dipping soy sauce
lemon juice
baby rocket leaves
A large bowl or roasting tray of cold water

Peel and slice the avocado into thin segments. Slice or tear the salmon into strips of similar length. Take one rice wrapper at a time and gently immerse in the tray of cold water. It does not take long for the wrapper to soften and become pliable. Lay on a clean tea-towel and place a segment of avocado, a couple of strips of salmon and a few rocket leaves in a horizontal line. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice before folding over the bottom half of the wrapper, and then each side, and finally rolling the parcel up into a thick cylinder. Simply repeat until you have enough.

This is a great dish to prepare in advance. Simple refrigerate them until you are ready to serve them. Serve with a light dipping soy sauce – I love the salty taste against the slight oiliness of the avocado and salmon. But you could go all out and whip up a fantastic mayonaise, mary rose or gravadlax sauce.

Njuta! Enjoy!


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